Appointment Tips

Should I schedule a 30- or 60-minute appointment?

  • We require a 60-minute appointment for online email tutorials.
  • You may select a 30- or a 60-minute appointment for a face-to-face tutorial.
  • 30-minute appointments are best when you have a one- or two-page paper or just a few concerns.
  • 60-minute appointments are best when you want to cover 3-5 pages or have numerous concerns about a paper of any length. 60 minutes is also best when you need help brainstorming, outlining, or searching for sources.
  • 60-minute appointments are best for ESL students.

Should I select face-to-face or online email tutoring?

In a face-to-face tutorial, you can work with a tutor on almost any writing-related issue, including brainstorming, planning, and searching for sources. You and your tutor can have a conversation about your ideas and how to get your paper to convey them in a clear and organized way.

Although the online email tutorial offers you convenience, it’s not as productive as a face-to-face appointment when you need help brainstorming, interpreting an assignment, or working on extensive grammar issues. An online email appointment works well if you want feedback on the organization, coherence, or persuasiveness of a draft.

ESL students new to the language should make face-to-face appointments. Online email tutorials are not an effective medium for discussing most ESL writing challenges.

How can I make an online email appointment?

  • When you click a white box to make an appointment, a New Reservation form appears. Online appointments must be 60 minutes, so adjust the ending time of your appointment.
  • Near the bottom of the form is a very important white board where you provide your tutor with assignment information. If you have a copy of your assignment sheet, please paste or type the information into the whiteboard. Be as thorough as possible. The tutor needs to understand your instructor’s requirements.
  • After you complete the form, upload your paper. Follow these instructions.
  • If you have problems, call us at 479.575.6747.
  • Remember that your paper must be a MS Word or RTF file and that it can be no larger than 1MB.

How can I make a face-to-face appointment?

  • When you click a white box to make an appointment, a New Reservation form appears. First, select 30 or 60 minutes by adjusting the ending time.
  • For Appointment Type in the drop-down menu, select Face-2-face.
  • We prefer that you bring a copy of your assignment sheet.
  • If you need assistance, please call us at 479.575.6747.

What if I need an appointment on a day when none are available?

You can join our waiting list. On the schedule page, click the clock icon located above the day you would like an appointment.  A window will open. Complete the form, and you will receive a text message or an email notification when an appointment time becomes available. The system will not automatically create an appointment for you, but you can log on to our web-based scheduler to grab the open time.

Can I make an appointment for help with a take-home exam or candidacy exams?

A passage of the university’s Sanction Rubric  indicates that “unauthorized collaboration on homework assignments constituting 10% or more of the assignment, or less than 10% of the assignment on a second offense  is a Level One Violation. Before making a tutoring appointment for help with any work that may be considered unauthorized collaboration, students should ask their instructors whether tutoring assistance is permitted.

How can I get help with a paper longer than 5-6 pages, a thesis, or a dissertation?

  • Long paper: If you would like feedback on the entire paper, make more than one 60-minute appointment, preferably with the same tutor. The tutor will read the first five-to-six pages of your document during your first appointment, the second five-to-six pages during your second appointment, and so on. If you only want help with a select segment of a long paper, bring that portion of the paper to your appointment.
  • Thesis or dissertation: Make an initial 30-minute appointment. Use your initial session to establish a plan for future appointments. After your first meeting, please schedule 60-minute appointments. Plan ahead–you’ll not be able to accomplish much on your dissertation two weeks before it’s due. Help with a dissertation involves a committed series of appointments beginning months before a defense.
  • No proofreading! The QWC is not a proofreading service. QWC tutors are not available for fixing student work, including theses and dissertations.
  • For online appointments, there is an upload limit of 1MB. Please choose the 5-6 pages that you’d like to work on and remove any graphics or images.

How many appointments can I make per week? Per day?

  • You may make one 30- or 60-minute appointment per day.
  • You may make up to three appointments per week.

How do I cancel an appointment?

  • Log in to the schedule.
  • Click on your appointment. The appointment box opens.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the appointment box and click Cancel This Appointment.
  • If you need help, call 479.575.6747. We’re open 9-5, M-F.