Online Chat Tutoring



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QWC chat tutorials are live online meetings. Using Blackboard’s Collaborate, the tutor meets you in an online room equipped with live audio and application sharing.

Chat gives you the advantage of a live one-on-one interaction. Chat tutoring is a good option when you need to talk with the tutor but can’t come to the center.

Here’s how Summer 2013 online chat tutoring works:

1.  Before making the appointment, please make sure your paper is ready to upload as a Microsoft Word document.

2.  When you log into the scheduler, click a white square to make an appointment. All chat appointments must be 60 minutes.

3.  Select the Online tutoring and Chat tutoring options in the appointment form.

4.  Upload your paper by clicking the yellow folder icon at top-left and follow instructions.

5.  Before your appointment time, please make sure your microphone and speakers are working properly. Use the QWC’s Audio Setup Wizard for a sound check.

6. Five-to-ten minutes before your appointment time, go to the tutor’s virtual room. Each tutor has his or her own URL in Collaborate. Your tutor’s URL is at the top of your appointment form. You can also find your tutor’s URL on this list. Paste the URL into your browser.

7.  You may be prompted to download a Java application. Run the Java download so that Collaborate can function.

8.  Select your Internet connection from the drop-down menu.

9.  When you enter the virtual room, your name will appear on the left. If the tutor is not yet there, please wait. The tutor soon will arrive to direct the session.


10.  The tutor will help you turn on your talk button and will load your paper into the application sharing pane.

11.  You and the tutor will work on the paper for approximately 50 minutes. You will have the opportunity to talk, ask questions, type, and revise.

12.  At session’s end, the tutor will save all changes, notes, and comments. The tutor will return the paper to your uark email account.


A Few Simple Rules

  • Chat tutoring appointments must be 60 minutes.
  • A paper may only be submitted to one tutor for chat tutoring. You may not submit one draft to two or three tutors. After you receive the tutor’s feedback and revise your paper, you may resubmit–but only if you have revised your paper.
  • You must upload your paper for a chat appointment when you reserve a time.
  • Be on time. If you are not in the chat room within ten minutes of your scheduled time, your appointment will be marked a “no-show” and your time given to another student.
  • If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please cancel it on our scheduler. Click on the appointment, scroll down, and select the cancel option. You may also call us to cancel an appointment between 9 and 5, M-F (479.575.6747). We do not accept email cancellations. Please cancel appointments at least one day before the appointment time.


Frequently Asked Questions

 Q:  Do I have to be online during the chat tutorial?

A:  Yes. The chat tutorial is a live online meeting.

Q:  Do I need a webcam?

A:  No. You and and the tutor will have a live audio feed and application sharing in MS Word, but you do not need a camera.

Q:  Do I need to log in to Blackboard?

A: No. Collaborate, the tool we use for the meeting, is paired with Blackboard, but you don’t need to log in to Blackboard to find your tutor. Just paste the tutor’s URL into your browser and follow Collaborate’s path to the virtual room.

Q:  I lost my tutor’s URL. How can I find it?

A:  Your tutor’s URL can be found in two places. You click on your appointment and find the URL at the top of the appointment form, following “Bio/Information.” You can also find your tutor’s URL on this list.

Q:  Do all the tutors have the same URL?

A: No. Each tutor has a unique URL for his or her virtual room.

Q:  Can online chat tutors help with grammar and citation problems?

A: Yes. Because the chat tutorial includes the opportunity to have a dialogue and examine additional resources, grammar and citation issues can be discussed during a chat tutorial. To make best use of your chat time, come to the tutorial with specific questions.

Q:  Will the tutor edit my paper?

A:  No. Just as with face-to-face and traditional online email tutorials, our staff cannot generate text for you or change words or phrases that you have written. We can teach you rules and revision strategies that you can then apply to your writing to make needed improvements.

Q:  Can I work on the paper while I’m with the tutor?

A:  Yes. Application sharing allows the tutor to give you control of the cursor and most of the toolbar functions in Word. You can redraft the thesis statement, topic sentences, transitions, evidence and support—any part of the paper you’d like to focus on during the session.

Q:  I have a 50-page thesis. Can I submit the whole document  for tutoring?

A:  You and your chat tutor can work on about 5-6 pages in a typical session. When you have a longer document, please plan to make a series of appointments.