First Time Here? How This Works…

Welcome to the QWC!

We welcome you to the Quality Writing Center. The purpose of this page is to provide you with a quick description of our service. For additional information, please browse the navigational tabs across the top of the page.

Tutoring Appointments

The QWC offers three types of tutors: (1) graduate tutors who help with any university writing assignment; (2) undergraduate peer tutors who help with Composition I & II papers; and (3) graduate specialist tutors–our subject area specialists in history, and science. All QWC tutors work by appointment. Students create an account and schedule appointments on our web-based scheduler.

To meet with a tutor, click the “schedule an appointment” link at the top of the home page (pictured above). You’ll need to register before you can log in to the scheduler. You’ll see the registration prompt on the scheduler site. For more detailed tutoring and appointment information, select the “Tutoring” tab on our home page. You can call us for help at 479.575.6747.

Online Email Tutoring

New PictureWhen you make an appointment, you can meet with a graduate tutor face-to-face in Kimpel 315 or Mullins Library, or you can select online email tutoring. If you would like an online email tutorial, be sure to have your paper in MS Word format and be prepared to provide the tutor with instructions about your assignment. You make a 60-minute appointment, select the online email option, and upload your paper. At the appointment time, the tutor will read your paper, insert comments and feedback in the margins, and then email the paper to your uark account. You do not have to meet the tutor online. For more detailed information about online email tutoring, click here.


Online Chat Tutoring

QWC online chat tutorials are live online meetings. Using Blackboard’s Collaborate, you and the tutor meet in a virtual room where you have a live audio feed and joint access to your paper through application sharing. Online chat tutorials are different than online email tutorials. The online email tutorial is not a live meeting. Chat gives you the advantage of a live one-on-one interaction. Online email tutorials are good for when you need feedback but don’t have time to meet online, or when you can’t come to the center.

Before making an appointment, you’ll need to check your computer’s microphone and speakers, and you’ll need to have your paper ready to upload as a Microsoft Word document. At the appointment time, you meet your tutor in his or her virtual tutoring room by pasting the tutor’s URL into your browser and logging in to Collaborate. We have detailed information on the process here. Chat tutorials are a great way to have a live dialogue with your tutor when you can’t come to the center.

Looking for a Writing Handout?

We have over 40 handouts covering a variety of grammatical and rhetorical issues. Popular handouts include “Commas: Almost Everything You Need to Know”; “APA Guidelines; and “Body Paragraphs.” Some handouts provide advice on how to write specific document types, such as abstracts, resumes, and summary critiques. Other handouts help with issues such as revision and creating effective transitions. To access our handout library, click the “browse our handouts” link at the top of the home page. We also provide links to helpful web resources on related issues: click the “Resources” tab near the top of the home page.

Contact Us for Help with Any Questions

Under the “Help” tab on our home page, you’ll find an FAQ selection. If you have a question not covered, please call or drop by.

Quality Writing Center   /   315 Kimpel Hall   / 479.575.6747

Bob Haslam, Director