2013 Liebolt Tutoring: June 19 – August 9

Summer tutoring appointments are now available for Liebolt premedical students drafting their personal statements. QWC Director Bob Haslam will provide 60-minute sessions June 19 through August 9.

QWC tutoring services are limited to currently enrolled UA students.

  • Appointments are available Wednesday mornings, Thursday afternoons, and Friday afternoons, 6/19 – 8/9.
  • Students may select from face-to-face tutoring, online-email tutoring, and online chat tutoring.
  • Liebolt students are allowed a maximum of 4 summer appointments (for the personal statement).
  • Register an account with our web-based scheduler; then log in.
  • To set your appointment, first select the special Liebolt schedule from the “Current Schedule” drop-down menu.

When you make a Liebolt appointment

  • Don’t worry about the condition of your draft. Write as much as you can, and we’ll work together with what you have.
  • Attach a copy of your draft to the appointment by clicking the yellow folder icon near the top of the scheduler page.
  • Attach in MS Word or RTF format.
  • For Face-2-face appointments, bring all other materials used to generate your draft: brainstorming notes, outline, previous drafts, etc.