Liebolt Tutoring 2015: July 9 – August 7

Summer tutoring appointments are now available for 2015 Liebolt premedical students drafting their personal statements. QWC Director Bob Haslam will provide 30 and 60-minute sessions July 9 through August 7.

QWC tutoring services are limited to currently enrolled UA students. If you were enrolled in spring 2015 courses, and you are enrolled in fall 2015 courses, you are eligible for tutoring. We do not extend service to former students of the university.

  • Appointments are available Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons, 7/9 – 8/7.
  • Students may select from face-to-face tutoring (30 or 60 min) and online-email tutoring (60 min).
  • Liebolt students are allowed a maximum of 3 summer appointments (for the personal statement).
  • Log in to our scheduler.
  • To set your appointment, first select the special Liebolt schedule from the “Current Schedule” drop-down menu.

When you make an appointment

  • Don’t worry about the condition of your draft. Write as much as you can. We’ll work together with what you have.
  • Attach a copy of your draft to the appointment by clicking the yellow folder icon near the top of the scheduler page.
  • Upload in MS Word or RTF format.
  • For face-to-face appointments, bring all other materials used to generate your draft: brainstorming notes, outline, previous drafts, etc.