Online Email Tutoring

New PictureQWC online email tutorials are asynchronous. You don’t need to be online while the tutor reads your paper, provides you with feedback, and returns the paper by email. Here is the process in detail.

1. You make an appointment, just as you would for a face-to-face tutorial. For detailed instructions on how to make an appointment,  visit our Appointment Tips page.

2. Your appointment must be 60 minutes for an online email tutorial.

3. In the appointment form, select the online tutorial option.

4. In the whiteboard area, describe the key assignment requirements. You may copy and paste the entire assignment. This information is crucial for the tutor reviewing your paper. You also are welcome to upload your assignment sheet as a separate file, after you upload paper (see #5).

5. Saved all information in appointment form and upload your paper.

6. Click the yellow folder icon at the top-left of the schedule screen. Upload a file of no more than 1MB in either MS Word or RTF format.  Your paper attaches to the reservation form. You may upload as a separate document your instructor’s assignment sheet.

6. At the appointment time, the tutor opens your file and reads your paper and assignment instructions.

7. Using MS Word’s insert comment feature, your tutor provides you with feedback. Comments appear in the right-hand margin of your paper.

8. At the end of the appointment time, your tutor writes an email summarizing his or her comments, attaches your paper, and sends the email-plus-attachment to your uark account.


A Few Simple Rules

  • A paper may only be submitted to one tutor for online tutoring. You may not submit the same draft to multiple tutors. After you receive a tutor’s feedback and revise your paper, you may resubmit–but only if you have revised.
  • Online tutoring appointments must be 60 minutes.
  • Please be on time. If you do not upload your paper by your scheduled time, your appointment will be marked a no-show and your time given to another student.
  • If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please cancel it on our scheduler. Instructions for canceling are posted at the top of the scheduler. You may call us during business hours to cancel, M-F at 479.575.6747. We do not accept email or voicemail cancellations.
  • Your account may only be used for documents written by you. You may not submit documents on behalf of other writers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do I have to be online during the online email tutorial?

A:  No. The tutor does not need to communicate with you during the process.

Q:  When I get my paper back, can I email the tutor questions?

A:  No. Unfortunately, the tutor’s schedule will be booked with appointments to work with other students, so he or she will not be available for dialogue. You can set a follow-up online tutoring appointment for another day, after you have revised your paper, or you can make a follow-up face-to-face appointment the next time the tutor is scheduled.

Q:  I have a 50-page thesis. Can I submit it all for tutoring?

A:  Online tutors can work with about 5-6 pages in a one-hour session. When you have a longer document, you need to make a series of appointments and submit your document in sections.

Q:  Can online tutors fix grammar and citation problems?

A:  No. Tutors are not allowed to “fix” student papers. Online email tutoring is best for reader feedback and help with organizational issues. Online tutors may notice one or two prevalent patterns of grammar error and direct you to resources for learning how to correct those errors. If you need help with issues such as grammar and citations, please make an appointment for face-to-face tutoring or for online chat tutoring. Grammar and citation issues require tutor and student to have a personal dialogue and to consult print resources.