Eligibility for Tutoring

The Quality Writing Center serves currently enrolled students of the University of Arkansas.

Appointment Policies and Limits

  1. One 30- or 60-minute appointment per day, two per week.
  2. Face-to-face appointments may be 30 or 60 minutes.
  3. Online email appointments must be 60 minutes.
  4. You may submit a paper to one tutor for online email feedback. You may not submit one draft to two or three tutors. After you receive the first tutor’s feedback and revise your paper, you may resubmit. One paper may be submitted a maximum of three times.
  5. Please be on time. If you do not arrive within ten minutes of your appointment time, your appointment will be marked a “no-show” and your time given to another student.
  6. If you no-show three (3) times in a semester, your appointment privileges will be suspended. You may write an email requesting that privileges be restored.
  7. If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please cancel it on our scheduler. Log in to the schedule and click on the appointment. Scroll to the bottom of the appointment box and click Cancel This Appointment. If you need help, call 479.575.6747.
  8. We ask that students cancel their appointments at least 3 hours in advance. We may request a meeting to discuss appointment privileges with a student who regularly cancels a short time before appointments.
  9. You may not use another student’s account to make an appointment and receive tutoring.
  10. You may not allow another student to use your account to receive tutoring.
  11. You may not use the online tutoring service to upload documents for other writers.
  12. You may not use the online or face-to-face tutoring service for help with a document in a course you are taking at another college or university.
  13. Tutors do not assist with graduate student candidacy exams. (For more info see FAQ)
  14. Before you make a tutoring appointment for help with an undergraduate take-home exam or with any other assignment that has explicit instructions to work independently, you must check with your professor. Included among Level One Violations listed on the university’s Sanction Rubric is “[c]ollaborating on laboratory work, or other assigned work when instructed to work independently.”

Academic Integrity

Students visiting the QWC are expected to comply with university policies regarding academic integrity. Please refer to the full guidelines found at Academic Initiatives and Integrity. Writers should acknowledge sources for ideas and arguments not their own. Unless students ask for help with avoiding plagiarism, QWC tutors will presume that session time should be spent on other writing issues. Therefore, a student who visits the center for 60 minutes while drafting should not presume that the finished paper he or she submits to an instructor has no problems with integrity-related issues. Again, students with plagiarism concerns should schedule face-to-face appointment time to address specifically this important issue. Through tutorials and handouts, QWC staff can help writers learn skills for incorporating outside sources and providing proper documentation. Students should not [plan to come tot he center without an appointment or right before a paper is due for help with documentation issues. Please plan ahead.

Use of Cell Phones

While here, please be respectful to QWC tutors and student clients by turning off your cell phone.

What We Do and Don’t Do

Our services do not include proofreading your paper for you. Our tutors can help you learn how to revise and proofread your own work. For a complete description of how we can help, please visit our “What We Do” page.